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Paperboy x Beams

"PAPERBOY, the go-to eatery to be immersed in the latest trends and a mingling hotspot amongst designers, models and influencers of Paris, hosts PAPERBOY × BEAMS POP UP SHOP.

The ten day period saw collab items with PAPERBOY's logo character enhanced with the letter 'B' and a seven-piece capsule collection. A limited menu with carrots and pumpkins, playing on BEAMS' corporate colour orange is also in the works."


All clothes are limited edition made by BEAMS and Paperboy



Opened on 1st March, 2014 at 11th arrondissement, Paris, the cafe attracts many with their organic vegetable sandwiches. They have a tight connection with the fashion industry through their catering services for companies like NIKE, VANS and the auction company ARTCURIAL through whom they catered SUPREME's auction party."

"PAPERBOY is known for their colourful sandwiches and their catering services for sports brands and street brands. PAPERBOY owner James Dridi’s fondness of Japanese street culture and BEAMS shops, coincided with friendly encounters between staff, resulted in this collaboration project between the café and BEAMS."


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